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Benefits of Medial & Vocational Rehabilitation

The benefits and features of an appropriate rehabilitation program are extensive, providing assistance not only to the injured worker, but also the employer, the medical providers, the third party administrator and the attorney.

The Benefits of Rehabilitation...

  • Early intervention.
  • Facilitates early return to work.
  • Avoids lost time.
  • Avoids gaps in medical and vocational services thus saving time and dollars.
  • Resolves claims pro-actively.
  • Promotes Maximum Medical Improvement (MMI)
  • Provides control over each case.
  • Informs you of all relevant aspects of medical and vocational rehabilitation issues.
  • Decreases dollars spent for medical and vocational services through appropriate rehabilitation coordination.
  • Assists in appropriate decision making by providing additional knowledge about the claim.
  • Creates helpful, positive working relationships with the injured worker and all participants involved during their recovery.
  • Reduces premiums and assist in maintaining a stable workforce.
  • Assists the injured worker to return to work, reducing financial responsibilities of the insurer, employer, and the community at large.
  • Limits exposure on claims.
  • Promotes healthy relationships between employer, employee, and third party administrator.
  • Gives employee motivation to recover.
  • Improves provider communication.
  • Offers diagnosis clarification.
  • Improves employee morale.
  • Defines physical capacity.



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